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Welcome to my Original Music Files
Grandpa Schober at his 90th Birthday Party
Grandpa Schober at his 90th Birthday Party

The following text was written originally by Grandpa Schober when he first launched his original website. Although he always said he'd live to be 100, God chose to take him home a few months after his 90th birthday. We had a wonderful celebration for his landmark birthday and we know that he is happy in heaven with momma, his Annie, today!

My name is Frank W Schober. I am an 90 year old retired machinist from Birmingham, Alabama. My wonderful wife died 12/18/00, just 8 days before our 55th wedding anniversary (12/26/00). We have seven children and twelve grandchildren.

All music on this site has been sequenced by me by ear from MEMORY during my 90 years. I do not read music. These are what I have played and enjoyed during my lifetime and is a hobby only. All music files are for personal listening only and are not to be used for any commercial purpose or public performance. PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO ANY FILES AT THIS SITE!

There is no intent to infringe on any COPYRIGHT and if anything on my page is in violation I will remove same on notification and PROOF from owner.

Music has been said to calm the savage beast. God's greatest gift to us is our faith. Music would be a close second and it gives me great pleasure to share my musical talent with the world. I hope you enjoy my pages of music and will return often. My special thanks to The Duchess for her gracious help in design and graphics as well as teaching me. THANKS ANNE!! God Bless!!

My computer equipment, HP Pavilion 224GB, Windows XP with a 19" HP monitor, Microtek Scanmaker 6800, Epson 2200 color photo printer, Bose speakers. Current MIDI keyboards, Yamaha PSR 9000 and Technics 7000 keyboard.

My Interests

Playing music, woodwork, building and repairing clocks, and gardening.

My Philosophy

"Our life is God's gift to us; what we make of our life is our gift to God."

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